Death to the martyrs

Yesterday I worked from 8 am until 10 pm with just a short break to eat a salad: what a busy day! But at least I should have avoided the possibility to work during the weekend (if my boss doesn’t call me).
Eventually it was also very funny 🙂 I simply ignored any call or email I received, I delegated everything to Isabelle and I worked only on the presentation. At 6 o’clock, when I was reviewing it with my boss, the fire alarm went off and we had to leave the building: fuck, just waste of time. Devoted to work as I am, I suggested to continue the review at the cafe downstairs (obviously outside, beneath the sun): I hoped that my boss payed for my tea, but it didn’t happen, too bad.
Anyway, back in the office I worked incessantly until people started to go home and I was only with Nina, Rüdi, Jan (the viking, one of my favorite colleagues, the one I would like to have as boss, even if he’s always quite rude to me) and Alexander (why the hell, among all the people that were in Amsterdam last weekend, did I meet him?). Suddenly Jan and Alex discovered a box full of Mr. Wasabi‘s peas (aka the drug) and we started… a peas-war :mrgreen: . Giochi innocenti
After a couple of hours I finally ended my presentation and I was ready to go home: it was 10 pm and I couldn’t find any shop open to buy milk and some other products I needed 😦 Not a big deal actually: I opened the common fridge in the office and I had my milk, some yogurt, bread, fruits and also some Coca-Cola Zero.
With my shopping bag full of products I went home where I watched the brand new Grey’s Anatomy episode: what should I say? It sucked; Addison leaves Seattle for Los Angeles (and she will have her own series Private Practice), but nothing really happens: only barely funny situations and no feelings (except for the end).


2 thoughts on “Death to the martyrs

  1. Not being able to find a grocery open at 10pm?
    How the hell should anyone be supposed to buy their groceries?!

    Weird, weird world!
    (even though it’s quite silly when coming back home at 3-4am I stopped by a deli to buy eggs and milk to make pancakes)

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