Pino sent me an email with that precise subject asking me to post a short post. Apparently work is driving him nuts now, for he said have to finish wrapping up projects and work-related stuff before being freed to leave for Amsterdam.

He’ll be in Amsterdam for the next few day. Vacation, the lucky bastard! So he’ll visit his friends Erik and Jörg – sorry but my English keyboard doesn’t have any accented letter – and go to Tori Amos’s concert! Everybody who knows him well knows how much passionate he can become for Tori and her concerts, especially after such a long hiatus.

In his email, he anticipated some of the topics he wants to talk about when he’ll get time for after being back in Berlin. They run from Japan and the anime Aquarion to the TV series Heroes and Desi bday party!

So it goes … we’ll wait in trepidante attesa.


p.s. The concert is in June and not this weekend … so why are you in Amsterdam?