Diktator of the free world

Yesterday was April, 25, Festa della Liberazione (Freedom Day) in Italy, to celebrate the day in 1945 when finally Italy was free from the nazi occupation and the fascist Repubblica di Salò came to an end.
Berlusconi recently stated in an interview:

Non partecipo a feste in cui la realtà storica viene stravolta e utilizzata da una parte contro l’altra

More or less, for him this celebration upsets the history and is being used by a party against another, which is why he doesn’t participate.
Silvio, the Festa della Liberazione is the celebration of the people who recognized and recognize that the fascism was and is wrong, which is why you don’t participate. I’m sure you enjoyed anyway this day off, maybe with your harem, maybe with the fascism-nostalgic allies of yours.


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