Personality crisis

My name is Bonetti, Pino Bonetti.
Tired by the continuous mistakes people make with my name, Giuseppe (which usually became Guiseppe, but also Guisepi, Giseppe and Guissepe), I decided to change it also at work. Now I’m officially Pino. Short, painless, friendly and funny.

Pino? Like the pine tree?

I’m so corporate oriented that I also have pino as nickname for my email address (for the external partners who couldn’t write giuseppe.bonetti). So cool 😉


5 thoughts on “Personality crisis

  1. This is aaages ago!
    A college colleague, Alssandro, the first guy I was in love with, used to call me JJ. From G…iuseppe and from J.J. Thompson I guess.

  2. I know what you mean. My parents called me by my second name. First day in every grade in school, every class in uni, every contant with officialdom, I got called by my first name, a name which I do not like at all. So way too late, I got wise and simply dropped it from my passport and ID application renewal form. Haven’t had to deal with it since.

    ( I first posted this in your previous post because I thought, like my wordpress format, the comments come UNDER the post. Oh well.)

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