Personality crisis

In Life on April 23, 2007 by Pino

My name is Bonetti, Pino Bonetti.
Tired by the continuous mistakes people make with my name, Giuseppe (which usually became Guiseppe, but also Guisepi, Giseppe and Guissepe), I decided to change it also at work. Now I’m officially Pino. Short, painless, friendly and funny.

Pino? Like the pine tree?

I’m so corporate oriented that I also have pino as nickname for my email address (for the external partners who couldn’t write giuseppe.bonetti). So cool😉

5 Responses to “Personality crisis”

  1. Ciao Giuseppe,
    does that apply to people who *can* and *will* keep writing your name – Giuseppe – correctly?!

  2. Who is Giuseppe?

  3. You are marked in my cell phone as “JJ”.
    BTW, you have never explained why you were called JJ…

  4. This is aaages ago!
    A college colleague, Alssandro, the first guy I was in love with, used to call me JJ. From G…iuseppe and from J.J. Thompson I guess.

  5. I know what you mean. My parents called me by my second name. First day in every grade in school, every class in uni, every contant with officialdom, I got called by my first name, a name which I do not like at all. So way too late, I got wise and simply dropped it from my passport and ID application renewal form. Haven’t had to deal with it since.

    ( I first posted this in your previous post because I thought, like my wordpress format, the comments come UNDER the post. Oh well.)

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