Buena vista social club

This post was supposed to be in Italian language (and posted a couple of days ago, but I was somehow lazy): in the last two days I didn’t really feel like blogging in English. This usually happens when I’m pissed off, depressive or simply not in the mood, but this time was not because any of these reasons: I simply needed a break in the language mess I have in my mind (two days ago even JF wrote me an email, rising the confusion). Eventually I decided to take a deep breath and write this post in English (sort of).

Actually, I feel very good in the last time: my toothache went finally away, at work I have a lot to do but I like it (I never enjoyed so much being at Jamba) and I’m trying to have even more social life with my colleagues (who are my best friends in Berlin).
Friday we went alltogether for lunch to QBA II, a, guess what, Cuban restaurant: we spent there almost two hours 😀 . It was somewhat a Southern Europe lunch break with special guest, Nabil. Unfortunately the food, while abundant, wasn’t that good: the burrito, for instance, is far more delicious at Dolores.
Although Jamba is already complaining because I’m probably too friendly and not professional with my employees, I decided to go out with them more often. First planned event is a trip to my second favorite German city: Hamburg 😉 Actually now I’m waiting for Isabelle to go to the flea market, but she’s late and it doesn’t surprise me.

Last week I also had the chance to listen the whole preview of Tori’s new album: as I supposed, 23 tracks are too much, there’s no way to have the whole record under control. What was again that nice song I listened? I don’t find it anymore… I hate this kind of questions. American Doll Posse bears anyway some good stuff, like Big Wheel, Bouncing off Clouds, Secret Spell and Dark Side of the Sun. Unfortunately Tori is far away from her masterpieces From the Choirgirl Hotel or To Venus and Back.

Luckily, on Monday, Heroes will be back, because the other series I’m irregularly watching (DS9, Doctor Who and Painkiller Jane) are just palliatives. I’m really excited!
Desperate Housewives, on the other hand, is becoming quite tedious with the absence of Bree and the lack of a big intrigue that permeates Wisteria Lane (the new one is simply ridiculous: it looks like a final season sale).

Eventually I would like to share with you this great piece by Margater Cho:


5 thoughts on “Buena vista social club

  1. How d’you dare to consider Doctor Who a mere palliative?

    But speaking of laziness I should take care of my blog as well … don’t you think?

  2. Sorry, but watching at it, which is not that bad, I just realize how good is Heroes.

    ilGrisa, you’re far more active on my blog than on yours 😉

  3. I’m no youtube detractor, I simply don’t like how it’s embedded.
    Anyway great piece! Loved the part on Jesus coming back and saying “That’s not what I meant!” and the great “they only don’t like gay marriage, because of course they don’t dislike gay prostitutes.”

  4. – Spongebob is gay!
    – Spongebob is a sponge. Obviously transsexual.

    In Matthew chapter 4, verse 17, it says “Shut the fuck up!”

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