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My favorite bookshop in Milan, today.

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  1. E poi stupirsi se un ragazzo di sedic’anni si suicida, ed andare a dire che sono fenomeni di bullismo ecc. Fascisti che schifo!

  2. How grim. What does ‘froci al muro’ mean?

  3. “Faggots at the wall” where “at the wall” I believe is used in English as well to mean execute someone by shooting.

  4. These people are so dumb they can’t draw a swastika the right way round.

  5. I saw these guys in Rome last year, and they were little more than schoolchildren. *sigh*. Times a billion.

  6. It’s hard to comment on events like those without explaining Italian politics and recent history.
    Forza Nuova is a neo-fascist party. Even though Italian constitution makes unlawful fascist parties, they existed since right after the war and in some occasion have been relevant to national politics (in the seventies and later in the nineties.) Fini’s party – Alleanza Nazionale – was the successor of Mussolini’s party, indeed the founders were more or less minor hierarchs in Fascist Italy. In the last few years Fini tried to keep distances with that dark past, and for that some members of his party left and either found others or join the ranks of pre-existent ones.
    At any extent, situation is that with time those feelings became stronger and stronger, even further polarizing a country already extremely polarized as Italy.
    This should roughly explain who they are. The first manifestation you saw last year is not that unusual. *sigh*

  7. Thank you for the explanation.

    Yes, *sigh*. There was no counter-protest, and people seemed to just ignore them. Which I suppose is one way of dealing with the problem. Here in Berlin every fascist protest is accompanied an anti-fascist march. Which is another way to deal with it. *sigh*

  8. and the other way around as well😉
    mmm since I don’t live in Lichtenberg anymore I miss the annual Rosa-Luxemburg-Parade… When is it actually?

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