TGIF and today is a really particular Friday ’cause it’s Karfreitag, holiday in Germany.
I woke up really late, I had breakfast in bed, I cleaned my flat (btw, on Sunday at 9/8c we will finally see the new Desperate Housewives‘ episode) and I listened to a lot of music.
I was listening to Minority by Green day when, suddenly, my neighbor rang my doorbell kindly asking me to moderate the volume . I’m used to this kind of problem (guess why) but this was the first time that someone apologized for asking me that: my music usually don’t bother her, but this evening she couldn’t listen to her tv :mrgreen:
Yesterday I went eating out with Valerio, my sister’s schoolmate’s brother. Quite complicated relationship, isn’t it? We went to Good Friends, Berlin’s best Chinese restaurant, although my first idea was to eat sushi.
Nemo survives.