The scientist

Today I don’t really know what to write on my blog but I’m supposed to post something everyday and here I am.
The weather (I always like to talk about weather because it affects my mood) is surprisingly cold here: I was already used at the last week’s warmer temperatures. Even the sun shines only infrequently and Berlin gets a sad gray atmosphere. Too bad: I just bought my new camera (which will be delivered on Saturday) and I would like to shoot some pictures, possibly with a blue sky…
I just realized how much I was impressed by Sunshine‘s beauty: even if I didn’t like the movie so much, I appreciated the photography, especially of sun’s surface.
Johannes, Desi’s husband, was here: I have to take care of their turtle while they’re in Italy for Easter. Wow, I have a pet, a ninja turtle! Its name should be Nemo but I will change it into… mmm… Whatever.


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