Keep the faith

Today (or, better, yesterday) I was… right! you already know what I’m going to say… I was really busy at work. I don’t have to manage Spain anymore but I still have a lot to do.
My big-big-big-boss, also called Jamba-demigod, was today in Italy to close a very stupid deal that kept me and a lot of other people busy for more than 2 weeks. He suddenly decided me to write a presentation about the project in a couple of hours. Fuck… I went anyway to lunch and I cursed later against Powerpoint, the Nokia Suite, the phone, everything, but the presentation was done and I got a danke from the demigod. Wow! He barely speaks with someone, he uses to look through people but he spent 5 seconds of his precious time to answer me? My colleague Rüdi and I agreed to print the email as a proof for the demigod’s humanity.


4 thoughts on “Keep the faith

  1. Guess you didn’t understand what I was asking.
    Switching to Italian … che non ci mostri la manifestazione terrena -ovvero l’email- del semidio in Terra a noi poveri mortali?!
    Tendo a tradurre il “che” iniziale con “so” …

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