Staring at the sun

I just watched the German preview of Sunshine by Danny Boyle. Nice things the previews 😉 free drinks, stylish welcome at the theater, cellphone seizure… Cellphone seizure? Yes, you know, I could have recorded the movie with my camera phone…
Anyway, Danny Boyle is funny. He told us that the actors were trained by a scientific mentor, a physicist (don’t remember the name), who was surprisingly handsome. Surprisingly? We all know that a lot of physicist are handsome! And mathematicians even more: did you see A Beautiful Mind? Isn’t John Nash fucking sexy in that movie? Duh! 🙄
About the movie: it could have been by Roland Emmerich. Mmm, no, sorry, this is too bad. The movie has a few nice moments indeed, but it’s something already seen, too many times. What’s new? Everybody dies, and it’s all the Japanese’s fault (I guess he was Korean), as many people said outside the theater. Actually it was the physicist’s fault 😉
I just wished a more catastrophic end: when the sun returns to shine (surprisingly on Sidney, not Manhattan) it could have instantly melt the ice and let the protagonist’s sister fall into the ocean :mrgreen: .


6 thoughts on “Staring at the sun

  1. Beside the comment about physicist, the premise of Sunshine could actually work. I said “could” because the probability is almost none.
    Do you remember the strange number? You know the strange quark that ignited the discovery of SU(3) and QCD and all the rest … anyway the idea is that a candidate for dark matter be lighter than the Standard Model particles and therefore when a normal matter particle converts into dark matter. That’s it no way back. The point is that dark matter be lighter and so more stable, this can’t work cosmologically I guess but not sure.
    About the strange number. It doesn’t really matter in this scenario but I was checking whether you remember something … by the way did you finish Randall’s book?

  2. One good thing has the movie: they don’t spend a word to try to explain some physics phenomena behind what they’re doing.
    Now, why the physicist to train the crew?
    Oh yes, forgotten… They also watched Alien to be prepared…

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