I love New York

Brooklyn BridgeFriday my (sweet) colleague Bernat asked me whether I know a bookshop in Berlin for English guidebooks: he was quite disappointed to know that I actually buy all my books on Amazon, but I was willing to help him anyway and for free! I’m so nice sometimes 😉
He was looking for the Lonely Planet‘s book for Poland and I obviously had a copy at home, so he visited me on Sunday 😳 . Cool, he and his friends planned to travel by car around Poland starting from Krakow and ending somewhere else after one week. I had such a great time suggesting some different routes via Warszawa, Gdańks, Malbork, Zakopane and so on: I wished I could have the chance to travel with him…
He was surprised to see my Lonely Planet‘s collection and wondering whether I was in all of the places whose I have the guidebook (unfortunately the answer is no) and whether I liked New York City. Well, we started a small conversation about that and we both agreed that NYC is ugly, dirty, decadent, messy but so fucking interesting (ilGrisa probably doesn’t agree). NYC is not a place, is a state of mind. I was just one week there and with just a touristic program, but I enjoyed the city so much, maybe because of the nice weather.
Btw, the weather is certainly the reason why I miss NYC now more than ever: I just wanna stroll around the village, Chinatown (eating that delicious green tea flavored ice cream), LES… and central park. I don’t like central park, I prefer the Tiergarten, but these days I’d like to visit Whole Food and have a picnic in central park.
Sunday I had my walk in the Charlottenburg Schloßpark and I felt even a little bit jet-lagged thinking about my first Sunday in NYC for the Sakura Matsuri 😀

New York is not for little pussies who scream
If you can’t stand the heat
Then get off my street


One thought on “I love New York

  1. New York is ugly, messy and noisy. That’s what is New York and it’s also the reason why so many people love New York. I don’t hate New York, but I don’t love it either. Point is … well you visited here and I’m living here, so our perceptions of the city differ naturally.
    Besides I showed you the best of the City. Not so many people know about the Sakura Matsuri and hell who else would have brought you to Park Slope as first trip?! (and who suggested you to come early spring to visit the City?!)

    About Central Park. I prefer Prospect Park for several reasons. The most obvious is that Prospect Park even though smaller is less crowdy and so more enjoyable. Anyway. If you were a New Yorker you would have had a picnic in the Park eating sushi and sashimi.
    You can’t compare Tiergarten and Central Park, they’re too different and they’re results of two very different conceptions.

    For one thing I dislike New York: no mountains. Or better is a too closed city, but you gotta live year to notice.

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