Bittersweet symphony

Last week I was so busy at work that this is the only thing I could talk about: yesterday I, more or less, didn’t have even the time to sit down at my desk after having visited the dentist.
Btw, I love to go to my sweet dentist. This time I discovered that he actually lived until last year in front of me. Perfect timing I would say 😉 . Well, now he has a girlfriend (or wife?) and a daughter. Too pity: nice guys are always straight (at least before 3 beers).
His bureau is on Ku’damm and I spent more time traveling there than letting my (sooo small) holes being filled, but I had the possibility to see the city-west waking up: my favorite cafe, Aedes, was placing tables outside, some shops were opening, others undergoing renovations… And the weather was so fucking nice I could only be gay.
A couple of days ago I also discovered Mika, after having received a huge amount of requests to promote his ringtones. Maybe you noticed his lyrics in my last post 😉 . Anyway… His album might not be a revelation but it’s so joyful and fits exactly to my actual mood.
Back in the office I had a meeting with my boss who finally absolved me to take care of Spain. I was so satisfied! I can now concentrate my efforts to improve the business in Italy: I have a lot of ideas, lot of services to launch (if they’re not censored, like the sms-chat) and a great team that helps me.
At evening, while I didn’t have a new Grey’s Anatomy episode, I watched the movie Дневной дозор (Day Watch) followed by Dario Argento’s Suspiria.