Weekend in the Netherlands, last part: Friday.
Somehow I still didn’t write anything about my first day in Amsterdam, last week. I’m so lazy sometimes.
Erik, Jörg and I visited the Nieuwe Kerk, the church which became almost like a mosque to host the exhibition Istanbul: the city and the sultan. We spent a lot of time being fascinated by the beauty and the mystery of Turkey and then we had a coffee at the restaurant with a nice view on the Dam square.
We were freezing and we traveled by tram to a small place close to Erik’s home, where we ate some Surinamese specialties.

Last Friday, on the S-Bahn, I was delightfully entertained by the catalog the girl beside me was reading: it was full of funny sex toys for women 😉 and she was totally shameless selecting them carefully.
Btw, the new H&M campaign is omnipresent: