As I planned yesterday I went today to the street fair at the Brandeburger Tor to celebrate European Community’s first 50 years.
Everyone knows I’m really confident in the idea of Europe and I really hope that the 27 will find a way (if not today, in the next future) to relaunch the European Community after these last years of skepticism. Confiding that the old continent, which was until 18 years ago still politically divided (Berliners know what I’m talking about), could find a way to melt together the cultural differences it consists of, is not just a dream.
I don’t think there’s another place in the world that contains so much history and different traditions over a common ground: Europeans have the chance and the responsibility to take advantage from this pattern of similarities and distinctions.

Tra le stelle dell’orsa e del delfino
C’è gente che vive amando ciò che ha
E non odiando ciò che non avrà
Io scopro galassie col tuo profumo
Milioni di soli che danno fiori, riti di pace e
No frontiere…

My idea was to travel by S-Bahn to the Hauptbahnhof and walk to the Brandeburger Tor: unfortunately for me I was not the only one with this genial intuition 😉 . The area around the Tiergarten was full of people (most of them were old German, the worst ones) trying to catch some touristic brochures as well as some traditional food (didn’t know that Thürmann‘s Spritzkuchen is a Czech specialty) and so did I.
I would therefore like to mention the most remarkably stands (in appearance’s order):
Sweden: for calling Linnaeus Mr Flower Power and because that girl serving IKEA‘s lingon berry juice was too sweet
Bulgaria: no brochures, no food, no visitors, what the… ?
Italy and France: ironically placed next each other, overcrowded, no brochures left (except for the beach resort of Cattolica), bad quality food and I was asked, of course, to take part of an Italian language course
The Netherlands: the most friendly (they offered me a nice orange (what else?) bag for my brochures) and they were the only ones proud to be Germany’s Nachbarland (neighboring country)
Czech and Slovak republics: they understood much better the aim of the fair and they sold also a lot of traditional products, not only food
Poland: for the nice fridge magnets
Romania: they copied Czech and Slovak republics selling handicrafts but in a clever way, € 20 for an Easter egg 😯
Slovenia: for the best claim ever, I feel Slovenia