Spring haze

Spring’s first day and the weather could not be worse: last week was so mild and now terribly cold and wet and shitty and… it sucks.
I’m absolutely not into working: this is not a big news but today is utterly true. Now that I have a new place in the office (the best one, in the corner, nobody behind me, just windows around me) I don’t have a good view anymore: the most interesting building, the Rotes Rathaus, is behind me, which is why I only see ugly Plattenbau.

String theory
Yesterday, back in the office, I had a lot of Italian magazines on my desk on which we booked our ads. One of them, probably the most stupid, contained an interesting article about Milo Ventimiglia (among i belli del cinema): now I know that

  • he obviously has Italian origin
  • he’s vegetarian
  • when he was a child he used to disguise himself as Madonna
  • one nerve on his left cheek is damaged , which is why he has that weird smile

Very useful information, aren’t they? 😉 . Anyway, I was wondering why a teen magazine was reporting about him (Heroes is not aired yet in Italy) and discovered that he played Robert Jr. in the movie Rocky Balboa…

Altough I love bears, I still didn’t spend a word about Knut: shame on me. Knut is the polar bear cub born in the Berlin Zoo on December, 5 (the first baby in the last 30 years), because it was rejected by its mother at birth is being raised in captivity. Thanks to the local press it became soon very popular (and, actually, it’s so sweet, isn’t it?) and now it’s the new Berlin mascot. Woof. It has its own blog and videopodcast but some animal activists would like to kill him because raising him in captivity is unnatural…


7 thoughts on “Spring haze

  1. Spring.
    Here Spring is definitely in the air, even though is still kinda cold just as I like it! Cold and crisp air, and the nice bright sun of early Spring.
    And because of this, I am wearing the Kuchi t-shirt I bought when in Berlin.

    String Theory.
    May I know the connection between String Theory and Milo Ventimiglia?

  2. Mmm here is not just cold 😦 It’s more like winter than like spring…
    Anyway, you’ll probably be happy to know that the episode of Heroes on air on April, 30 will be titled String Theory.

  3. For the good name of!
    I hope one day people will stop lurking around theories they don’t understand (not out of stupidity, but out of knowledge,) and start doing more interesting things, like … like … ok I don’t know quite yet what, but I hope they will.

    I had a long long discussion about books on Strings and related topics, and more about misunderstanding or better misrepresentation of Physics Academia world. I mean, I’d like the public to be interested on what is going on in Physics today, but at the same time there’s no way the public be able to discern between different theories or between different understanding of the same.

    And on topic. I gotta read The Trouble with Physics by L.Smolin, which started the whole shebang. But it’s still in hardcover only and I’m not gonna buy and read hardcover books. They’re more expensive and heavier.

  4. Oh come on! It’s just an episode’s title and a pretty one, by the way. They’re not arguing about string theory like they were experts, are they?

    There’s an episode (called ‘String Theory’) that happens five years in the future, and it’s a possible outcome of what situations now might dictate in the future. It’s not a definite, finite reality, but it’s a possibility.

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