King of pain

In Life on March 14, 2007 by Pino

This evening I was by the dentist for the prophylaxis: why is this practice more painful than a dental filling? I still feel uncomfortable when my tongue touches the teeth😕 .
Last week, when I booked my appointment, I’ve been asked if I was going alone or with my boyfriend, as usual. As usual? It’s almost 18 months that I left Jens. Well, ok, Frau Koch doesn’t see me very often (lucky me), but she remembers very good about me and Jens, how sweet.
Btw, Jens didn’t still come along to fix my curtains (he says I’m never at home, how comes?) and, when I told him that one of our Muscovite friends was dead, he stated

Pity, he was such a good fucker, with a huge cock.

I though I was cynical with my

One asshole less.

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  1. but are those your teeth? *gross*

  2. Of course, don’t you see how they shine?

  3. You’re very brave to go to the dentist in another language. Your German must be great, though having Germanified teeth probablyhelps!

  4. 😀 mmm, my German is good enough to get my teeth clean

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