Il Grisa is in Waterloo, Canada.
Where the fuck is Waterloo, Canada? Somewhere in the Ontario province.
The same Ontario depicted by the movie Away From Her? I guess…
What does Waterloo have to do with me? Nothing, I was just looking for a song’s title for my next post and I funnily found this.

Last weekend I flew to Stuttgart for almost no money (please don’t say that I’m always traveling, I know, travel is my fetish, everybody has his own fetish) and I forgot my camera at home. I guess it was a Freudian slip: I’m not longer satisfied with my camera (if I ever was) and Stuttgart is eventually not so worth to be photographed. I don’t want to be misunderstood, Stuttgart can be a pleasant town, with a lot of hills and woods around, downtown is quiet and family-friendly… There’s just a lack of water 😉 which is very important for me.
The weather was anyway very vernal (in Berlin too) and the sun warming… Which is why I traveled with my mind to New York where I spent the first week of may last year. While I can’t fly there this spring (I will miss the Sakura Matsuri), I might plan a visit for early October: il Grisa, be ready!


3 thoughts on “Waterloo

  1. mmmh never ever plan something before asking your host! :p
    and thanks for the post about me traveling in Canada … btw I think I hadn’t seen “Away from her”. What is about?

  2. I actually did! I wrote you an email before writing this post 😉
    But if you don’t want host me I will simply fly somwhere else… mmm… what about Tokyo?
    If you would carefully read my blog, you would know what is the movie about.
    Btw, could you please buy some maple sirup (look, I used the American spelling!) for me? Thanks.

  3. Look I’m using double spelling which time to time may be confusing because I spell traveling but not sirup and so on.
    I’ll look for the maple syrup, I should be able to find tons of in the markt.

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