Twenty years

Twenty years ago U2 scored one of the best album ever (recently confirmed at place #5 of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Definitive 200 list): The Joshua Tree.
Personally I prefer Achtung Baby, but The Joshua Tree is an undisputed masterpiece, which still sounds great after so many time.
So, happy birthday The Joshua Tree! With the hope that another masterpiece is going to be published soon.

There are twenty years to go,
And many friends I hope.
Though some may hold the rose some hold the rope.


4 thoughts on “Twenty years

  1. Seems that, even though short, you’re back in writing posts and keeping up the blog!

    Btw I don’t remember if I commented on one post about Bono, Africa and another singer whose name I don’t remember, but I do remember he saying Bono should shut up about Africa and play more!
    Oh Hell! Thanks be Bono does something and is outspoken about Africa!

  2. well, I too hope to hear soon a new big album from U2, it’s been a while! something that washes up the ears, brings ones’ head upside down and won’t get out of it for hours of pleasure.
    glad to read you again. hugs from Toulouse

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