Everyday I love you less and less

I’m back, like Ulysses from the hell: I’m posting again.
I just don’t know how long I will post today because I’m still very tired. Yesterday I landed in Berlin very late and I was only at midnight at home. Just the time to… Buying tickets for Tori Amos in Amsterdam (got them!), download the new record of Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, which I’m now listening to, answer some emails, plan next travels and watch the methadone (Verrückt nach Clara)…
No, I didn’t sleep, as usual… Well, yes, I did it today at work while I was in never ending meetings…
I have a lot to write because I didn’t update my blog since a while, but I will do it very slowly: talking about my travel in Italy, the movie I’ve seen in Milan, the horrible week I had, and so on.

Oh, and my parents love me
Oh, and my girlfriend loves me
Oh, they keep photos of me
Oh, that’s enough love for me


3 thoughts on “Everyday I love you less and less

  1. I’ll be a little bit worried when the title of the post will become “No more I love you”

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