When will I be (finally) German?

No way.
I was today at the phone with a very nice girl from Milan, I never talked with before:

Mara: You’re Italian, aren’t you?
Me: (Yeah!) Yes, of course, why? (frightening)
Mara: No, no… Of course, you’re Italian, it’s very understandable from your name, but…
Me: But?!
Mara: Well… You have a German accent…
Me: (Fuck!) Nooo! Why do you say that?!
Mara: It’s like you were a German who speaks very good Italian. But one can understand that you have some difficulties… Anyway, where are you originally from?
Me: Bergamo
Mara: Oh, you’re not South Tyrolean either, then. Are you?

Ok, guys. I understood. I would then like to be totally German now. Since yesterday Italy doesn’t have a government anymore, as it happens almost yearly since it’s a (banana) republic. I don’t want to waste my time talking about a country I really despise: Italians deserve Berlusconi, they really do. They don’t even deserve the di.co, which are far away to be a real civil partnership: the government wrote a very catholic church-friendly law even if the Vatican will never approve any kind of those partnership.
I really want to be a German who speaks a very good Italian.


4 thoughts on “When will I be (finally) German?

  1. I would love to know what the discussion was like in Italian. Anyway it’s like me using “affettare” because it sounds like “affect,” or stopping before saying something like “sono detto” etc

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