Today was a really sunny day, one of those that enlighten even my kitchen and bath (it usually happens only in summer). You probably know that I love winter sunny days, which is why today could have been perfect if I didn’t have to take my friends Erik&Jörg to the Hauptbahnhof and let them go back home…

They arrived on Thursday evening with the same train I also traveled by in December. Once at home, we had a dinner and we watched a couple of Desperate Housewives‘ episodes before going to bed.
On Friday we had the usual walking tour along Unter den Linden, we were on the Reichtag‘s dome, at the Holocaust Denkmal (this time I visited also the information centre) and Potsdamer Platz. Later, we bought some souvenirs at the Ampelmann shop a couple of prosecco’s bottles and a lot of chocolate at Lina Krokant. We had then a dinner with Desi end her family who was so kind to invite us (she might know how bad I am in the kitchen).
We woke up really late on Saturday and after the brunch Jörg went to see the Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum. Because Erik was not feeling like visiting the museum I had a walk with him through the Tiergarten (the one I usually do every Sunday morning) from the zoo to Potsdamer Platz where we had a cup of coffee. We met later Jörg am Alex where we watched the movie Away from Her from the Panorama selection of the Berlinale film festival (with the participation of the director Sarah Polley). Later, we had a dinner at the pizzeria i Due Forni (PanAsia was unfortunately overbooked 😦 ), a drink at the Prinzknecht and once at home again some Desperate Housewives‘ episodes.

I had, as usual, a very nice time with them and I was already getting used to their presence in my small flat…

Jörg just posted some pics he took during their visit in Berlin: take a look on his flickr page.