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Somebody is going to be envious…

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

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  1. You could have written something more interesting while you’re at it, than the Schrodinger equation. I don’t know, something like
    or perhaps Einstein’s Relativity which is not E=mc^2, but the more interesting
    Too bad they don’t appear in the comments too!

    Anyway for those who don’t know, what Giuseppe, aka Pino, wrote is the basic equation of Quantum Mechanics, known as time-dependent Schrodinger equation. The first I wrote is AdS/CFT correspondence, and the second one is Einstein’s General Relativity, which by the way is usually written as
    because as everybody should know physicists are lazy!

    That script can be used in blogger too, and if it were not, it would have not been enough a reason for me to switch. Why should I care to write in LaTeX in a blog?

  2. You’re such a smart ass…

  3. Yes I know! So smart that I mess up right and left! (look at AdS/CFT correspondence equation.)

  4. Shit happens😉

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