To be continued…

In Life, TV&Movies on February 13, 2007 by Pino

Sylar The to be continued form is used quite often in the TV series to let a sense of suspense and be sure that the audience is going to watch the next episode. I was however surprised to see that two of my favourite series were abusing of this subtle system: Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy (the former even more that the latter). In both cases someone is falling down and nobody knows what is going to happen to him/her; but if in Grey’s Anatomy she’s falling into water (one can more or less expect the next step), in Desperate Housewives he’s just falling down and everything is open: will he find a swimming pool? or a big mattress?😉 will he just hit the ground and lose his life? Is this stupid enough to argue about?😉 I guess so, but it’s late and I had hard days at work… Let me switch then to the third series I like, Heroes, which has the to be continued at the end of any episode, no matter how open is actually the end. I just had a look to the Primatech Paper Company website which is really interesting if one can hack around, discovering some info’s about our favourite characters…

Beside all this non-sense I will not keep my blog often up-to-date in the next future because at work the things are going worse and worse and I have to fix them anytime soon and because my friends Erik&Jörg are going to visit me during the weekend. Good night and take care.

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  1. That’s the worst/best non-spoiling spoiler I’ve ever read or heard!
    I still hadn’t watched DH, and given what you told me and wrote I will not till the next episode will be aired!

  2. Ascolta uno scemo, wait to see the two next DH episodes together😉

  3. Whaddya think I’m doing …

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