Last Thursday I flew early in the morning to Milano to visit Telecom Italia first and Vodafone in the afternoon. I was quite afraid of what those carriers were asking me: we’re terribly late with some technical developments of our platform. At the end it was nice to talk with our partners and discover that they’re also human being 😉 . In the evening I visited my parents who were happy to see me again after just a month…
On Friday I was again in Milan to meet Mediacom and Publikompass (which paid for the good meal I had 😉 ) and I was free in the afternoon. I went to my favourite bookshop, Libreria Babele, which is a gay-lesbian bookshop and where works the sweetest bookseller I ever met 😉 (this time I managed to flirt a little bit more with him). Later I visited the Grisa‘s parents who had a lot of gifts for me (mainly tea and classical music cd’s). In the evening I met Fabio and we went to our favourite place (don’t ask me the name of that place, is simply there, in navigli 😉 ) for the aperitivo. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to go to 無印良品 (MUJI) even this time 😦 .
On Saturday I had some problems with my (beloved) glasses and I had to change them for a new model… Now I’m still waiting for the old model to be repaired…
I spent Sunday mainly visiting my grandma and walking around beneath the sun: it was really relaxing.
Then Monday I flew to Roma: unluckily the flight was departing from Malpensa and I needed the whole afternoon to arrive to the airport. In the evening I met Desi (not my colleague, another Desi) with whom I had a pizza at La Base, a funny place with cabaret in the Cavour area.
I had on Tuesday my best experience: my hotel was close to Termini station and I had a meeting with TIM in the Aurelia area, which is why the taxi drove along via Nazionale, piazza Venezia, largo Argentina, Castel S. Angelo and the Vatican. Great! I love Roma, I really feel like home there… It’s a concentrate of Italian culture, it’s the cradle (and the grave? 😉 ) of our civilisation, it’s the eternal city


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