So be the End

Tomorrow Giuseppe will take hold on his blog once again and so will it be the end of my little dominion.

Yesterday we chatted a bit via sms, mostly to tell him that his (old) laptop was dying and I was suggesting euthanasia. Setting aside the moral implications — for somebody surely will find reasons to disagree with such a decision — the laptop hard-drive broke and after checking the file-system I realized it was the I/O device and so there’s no much left to do. Pino, aka Giuseppe, found the news of his laptop dying a good reason to save money for buying a macbook (I’d suggest macbook pro anyway, ‘cuz it’s much cooler!) not having finished to pay for the iMac yet. Besides what about the iPhone you must buy?

By the way, I finished writing up the review of our visit in Praha earlier this month. Fortunately I managed to finish the post just before the laptop death … good reading!