The bold and the beautiful


You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You’re frozen
When your heart’s not open

I’m back in English: did you miss me? I don’t think so… Anyway…
Today there’s such a nice weather in Berlin! Well, OK, the temperatures are quite low (finally? pity?), but it’s the typical sunny winter day I like so much. You know? When you’re so warm inside, when you’re in a warm place and the coldness is just outside. Outside. When the sun shines and plays behind the buildings. When the sun shines and you can look directly at it. When the sun shines but it doesn’t heat.

Santa Maradona

– Ma tra me e lei non c’è una storia seria.
– Che cosa significa che non è una storia seria? Che si scopa ridendo?

Yesterday, after a funny episode of Desperate Housewives, I watched the Italian movie Santa Maradona. It is so cool 😉 . I don’t want to spend too many words on it because it’s a movie that one should really watch.


4 thoughts on “The bold and the beautiful

  1. And what do you think about places, like the one I stay in now, where there is coldness outside and inside? 😉

  2. hi

    is santa maradona the same one as ‘magdalena sisters’? if that is the case, you definitly must watch the movie and see how lovely behave has the catholic church…

    amsterdam is becoming more and more cold. but as in berlin, we have a lovely sunny day. and we do not have snow. ‘finally’, ‘hopefully’ we got the winter. i dont know if is something good or not.

  3. @Stefano: well, what should I say? Try to warm yourself in another way 🙂

    @Maria: Santa Maradona is not about religion nor football 🙂 It’s just the story of 2 young guys in Turin, who try to find a job, more or less. It’s very funny. Today was snowing in both Berlin and Milan, where I currently am.

  4. And today the temperatures are below zero during the entire day and tomorrow it’s expected temperatures ranging between -11 and -6 (Celsius of course). And all without wind chilling … accounting for it and temperatures are well below -10 !!!
    How awesome is it?!

    “Santa Maradona” is an Italian movie (Magdelene in Italian is Maddalena) scoring Stefano Accorsi. It’s one of the several Italian movies about the thirty crisis, amongst with “L’Ultimo Bacio” (“The Last Kiss” the original not the American remake) and others. Accorsi features in “L’Ultimo Bacio” too.

    About Catholic Church behavior, there is also “La Mala Educacion” and “Amen”.
    It always surprises me how in the last five years people are rediscovering the wheel (in Italian: hot water), namely were all blind before 2000? Or is it just fashion? And if it is … so what?
    Those revivals of hurt sensibilities are usually disgusting.
    (I’m not condemning the explaining of what happened, happens and will happen – I’m totally aware of the role of Catholic Church during Nazism for instance – but I’m a bit surprised when those movies, books and so all come out at once, just like people suddenly realize that those things actually happened.)

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