I went today to the Grüne Woche: exhibition for the food industry, agriculture and horticulture. Far too soon Isabelle and I discovered that going there on the first Saturday was not the best idea: the number of visitors was terribly high, too high to enjoy the fair 😦 .
We stood almost half an hour just to buy tickets (the student-trick used in Prague worked out very well even today 😉 ) and the guy, who checked them, appreciated Isabelle’s look and called me Glückspilz (=lucky dog). It was so funny 😀 .
Though the visit was not very pleasant, I could buy some honey from Estonia and Ukraine, German mustard with lemon, Korean soy sauce and some sausages. I ate also some пельмени (pelmeni) with cherry, a Lebanese dessert with dates and… a cannolo siciliano 😛 .
I will never go eating again with Isabelle: she’s gluttonous beyond any control 😉 .


6 thoughts on “Glückspilz

  1. Ah the good ol’ student trick! Never fails! Did it happen to you to lose your ticket *again* and find another right after? You, lucky dog — so it is used in Germany too — I thought you exhausted all your 2007 luck in Prague when you found that unused ticket in the cathedral.

    One cannoli, two cannoli, three cannoli, four
    Four cannolis make a bunch and so do many more.

    (Cannoli is singular, cannolis is plural … don’t ask!)

  2. Well, the only difference is that this time I was the student 😉
    Obviously I didn’t lose my ticket again, but, believe me, it really seems that all my 2007 luck is exhausted 😦 .
    Anyway, the German version of lucky dog is luck’s mushroom.
    Cannoli(s) are so delicious… mmm….

  3. The mushroom of Luck? What is that? a new old kind of hallucinogenic mushrooms?!

    About your luck, what do you expect? You used it all in Prague not to have to pay for another ticket! I told you certain powers have to be used properly and responsibly!
    Great power comes great responsibility

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