All Italian guys are gay

I know I’m posting too many youtube videos, but, come on, this one is too funny (thanks goes to my colleague Daniel)


4 thoughts on “All Italian guys are gay

  1. Well, now the question that rises is: which is the USA opinion about italian guys’ sexual preferences? 🙂

  2. Hard to say. Nobody really knows for sure, lots of misunderstanding about italians affect the natural behavior of … ok I stop bull-shitting.
    Il film di Virzi’ “My Name is Tanino” e’ abbastanza accurato, non solo sugli italiani ma anche sugli americani– usi e costumi e simili.
    Switching back to english. The idea of italians is the one Berlusconi gave, gives and will always give … so no wonder about what other countries think about italians and Italy in particular. Besides, it’s hard to explain not-italians the huge differences between north and south and between north-east and north-west, milan and bergamo and so on; the basic idea is that Italy is a homogeneous country and the prototype is the “southern” italian, the worst one, namely lazy, ignorant and “mammone”. It’s basically the same misconception northern italians have about the South.

    ps Giuseppe, could you put on a spell-check for comments?

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