Sushi warrior

Yesterday il Grisa and I went to eat sushi to celebrate his last evening in Berlin right after having visited the Reichstag and its Kuppel (dome): even if my first time in Berlin was almost 5 years ago I never managed to visit the parliament building because of endless queues to enter; but Berlin is almost empty now that the holidays are over even in Italy (the largest source of loud and stupid tourists).

At the sushi restaurant, Kuchi, we had to wait to sit down because we didn’t reserve a place: this was quite annoying but we had then the chance to sit at the bar and look how sushi is prepared 😛 . Suddenly the cook gave us a big, huge, plate of sushi and sashimi and we started eating. Yummy! Il Grisa fell in love with his t-shirt with the name of the restaurant on the front and sushi warrior on the back and he bought it 😀

Café Kafíčko
As I already said, we found some places in Praha (Prague) which are worth a recommendation. One of them is of course Café Kafíčko, a smoke-free cafe at Míšeňská 10 in Malá Strana, near the foots of Karlův most. Café Kafíčko may well serve the best espresso drinks in Prague; they also offer teas, beer, and the usual soft drinks and mineral waters; snacks available include bagels and desserts. It’s a charming place with delightful owners.

U Zavěšenýho Kafe
A good place to eat is on the Hradčany hill, next to the castle. The name is quite complicated, but they have tasty food and a nice atmosphere. Just take a look on their own webpage to check location, menu and so on.

Miss Sophie’s
I would also recommend the place where we slept, because it was really central, nice, pleasant and the staff was funny and friendly. Check out their site for all the info’s you need.


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  1. In 96, I visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with Silvia from Bolzano. We challenged each other with the stupidest tourists in the rooms… frenchs did win a lot of time!! but for being the loudest, no worry… Italians were the bests!!! 😀 lol

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