Sachs, sax and… sucks

Travelling by train from Berlin to Praha (Prague), I had the chance to see funny names of some places in Sachsen (Saxony). Did you know about Stadt Wehlen (Sachs)? I don’t know why they put on the train station Sachs too, maybe because there are some different Stadt Wehlen, but I couldn’t find any.

Yesterday I was at the Philharmonie with il Grisa to see The World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales conducted by Josep Vicent. They performed the Violin Concerto in D minor by Jean Sibelius together with Alina Pogostkina as violin solo: it was great! After the Pause, they performed extracts from Le Sacre du Printemps by Igor Stravinsky: I liked the first part more, but during the second one was much easier to stay awake even after a looong day.
I obviously remembered the time again when I played my soprano sax… Ok, I was not playing in a famous orchestra, I wasn’t even very good, but, you know… Well, it’s the past.

I didn’t post yet about my short trip to Amsterdam because it was a secret, for a while, and then because I was a bit disappointed about the results of my job interview there.
I could, anyway, meet Erik (who was so kind to host me there), go eating in a nice restaurant with tasty food and visit some curious places such as the N.A.P.
After dinner we watched the second seasons’s last episodes of Grey’s Anatomy which contain my favourite monologue

and the corniest part ever 😥 (the music is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol)

Actually, my life doesn’t suck at all… it could be easier, yes, but I would like to say that it’s just… challenging 🙂 and that’s good: I don’t fall asleep.