Dveře se zavírají

Last weekend I was in Praha (Prague) with il Grisa: it was great as usual, but this time even more pleasant because the city was not overwhelmed by tourists.
Even if I know Praha quite well (sometimes better than Berlin) I discovered some new places (to eat) and I saw for the first time the castle in the night, without any other people but me and il Grisa: wonderful, I really recommend this experience to any visitors.
As some of you know, I’m also a metro-freak and Praha has some nice audio signalling, that I always like to repeat to my unlucky fellow traveller (il Grisa was going to kill me). Here an example:


Czech is so a nice language! 🙂 Well, ok, I prefer the Slovak, but… don’t say it too out loud 😉 .
Now I’m going to the Philharmonie to listen to some pieces of Sibelius and Stravinsky, but I’m falling asleep 😦 today I woke up again very early…

Later I will post more and even some extract from the Grisa‘s blog.