Everybody wants the same thing

While I was working at the most amazing workplace in the world (I ain’t find no new place, I’m talking about Jamba!) Luca walked all day long and below his post.

My geeky pilgrimage was to stop by at the Humboldt Universität,where Max Planck taught and from where he published the first step toward Quantum Mechanics. By fulfilling this categorical imperative, I was freed to stroll around Unter den Linden.
That is the major avenue in Berlin, pretty much like Champs Élisées in Paris, and they have several likenesses: both start with an arc – Arc de Triomphe and Bradenburger Tor -,both are flanked by trees and both end with a column (on my to-do list.) Nevertheless, I would like to re-christen it as Embassy Boulevard, because of the wedding-cake russian embassy,the lets-bring-some-coloUr british embassy,the je-suis-ici french embassyand the secluded US embassy.If you wonder, the Hitlers-present-to-Mussolini italian embassy is close but not along Unter den Linden, and it’s such a cute pink neoclassical building.The Wall – the Berlin Wall not the Pink Floyd’s album! – is for sure the most famous Berlin sightseeing. Strolling around it’s hard to miss buildings or places that remember the past communist dictatorship. At the very end of Unter den Linden is the Palast der Republik, the Parliament of the past DDR: around the 70’s it looked like thisnowadays it’s the only building site in Berlin where nothing is being constructed, but where something is being brought down.Giuseppe told me the project was initiated only after a long discussion in the Parliament and among berliners about whether it was appropriate to remove a symbol of the old regime, after all the Wall (part of) is still there.

Before getting to the longest still standing part of the Wall, the so-called East Side Gallery, I walked along Karl-Marx-Allee: pure socialist classicism. Not the obnoxious gray constructions, but an elegant avenue. Symmetry and neatness.From Frankfurter Tor, a long walk toward the Spree river till Oberbaumbrücke and the East Side Gallery. After the fall of the Wall, a long stretch of it was painted over by artists.It gives a weird feeling walking from Oberbaumbrücke to Ostbahnof along that stretch. It feels not a building, it feels not an ordinary wall, it feels not part of the city, something alien and imposed. I would love if they will find a way to preserve it for future memory.

A truly amazing monument is the Neue Wache used as a memorial for the victims of war and tyranny: a totally empty room, with only an entrance and a circular hole through the roof. At the center a statue.Probably not the happiest visit for arguments and places, but touching. As a lighter comment a picture of the Spree banks from Oberbaumbrücke.

To be continued …


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