New bears eve?

In Life on December 31, 2006 by Pino

I’m currently visiting Jens and while he’s cooking I’m writing some words about new year’s eve…
I wanted to write earlier, but I had a problem with my washing machine😦 . Well, this was maybe the perfect day for my washing machine to get broken: new year, new washing machine😉 .
My plans for today were to visit Jens, who had to stay at home in emergency service. Surprisingly, his company decided to postpone any emergency (?) to the next day and Jens told me into going to a bear party, organized by his new friend.
I was never into parties and I hate new year’s eve…

Anyway, today is 2006’s last day and it’s time to see what I’ve done so far. My 2006’s purposes were:

  • leaving Jens: done
  • finding a new boyfriend: work in progress, but is not anymore a priority
  • changing job: work in progress, but is not anymore a priority
  • changing city: I probably changed my mind😉

I fulfilled then just the 25% of my targets😦 . But, actually, I’ve done a lot of other things and a lot more is happened: I was in Moscow, then in NYC, I’m healthy, I met wonderful new friends, I live 100% on my own… What do I want more?

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