La borra (aka Xmas in Italy: part 2)

I spent my first morning in Italy in bed 😀 . Come on, it is commonly known that Saturday doesn’t have a morning 😉 .
Well, once in the kitchen, ready to have my lunch, I was surprised to see again La Prova del Cuoco (italian version of Ready, Steady, Cook) on TV. Too crazy! Here an example (ask for a short explanation):

Although there’s probably a lot of recipes with la borra, my mom decided to be traditional and give me and my father (who?) a big portion of lasagne… mmm… yummy!

Later, Arry came for a visit, which was quite short because I had my train to Milan early in the evening.
In Milan I met Fabio and we went together to the Fnac store (where I worked once) to make some last-minute-shopping; at 9 we met Marco and his friends and we had a huge pizza at Bebop. Ruggiero, one of Marco’s friends, was the queen of the evening and it was nice to meet such a funny guy: unfortunately I didn’t have then the possibility to talk with Marco 😉 .