Barba (aka Xmas in Italy: part 3)

On Sunday I had a lot to do, that’s why I woke up as early as 11 o’clock 😉 I’m so lazy… I miss the time when my mom used to wake me up at 7 under the motto: you’re young, you should rule the world instead of laying on the bed… OK, I don’t miss that time 😀

In the afternoon I visited my 95 years old grandma: she’s so cute with those big blue eyes. She asked me, as usual, why I’m not going to come back to Italy (she probably doesn’t stand my mom crying anymore 😀 ) and she told me again about her brothers and sisters spread around Europe.
One of them was a barba when he left Italy: it was such a long time I didn’t hear this word that in her dialect means single, while in Italian means beard.

A bit later as planned, I went back home and Stefano was already waiting for me: we had a nice afternoon together speaking about lot of different things…

In the evening I visited my brother and I finally saw my nephew, Lorenzo, after almost 5 years.

But the biggest surprise was at midnight! No, it was not Santa Claus with his reindeer… Jean-François called me at the phone: it was so nice to hear again his friendly voice…