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In Life on December 21, 2006 by Pino

I’m ready. I’m ready for the laughing gas. I’m ready. I’m ready for what’s next…

Wait… This is Zoo Station; I wrote Zooo Station! There’s a big, huge difference. This is Zooo with 3 o’s, like Jamba!Zooo, the new, revolutionary service offered by my company. Zooo is a place to meet people (e.g. my colleagues), to upload lot of pics and videos, to download music, to… do lot of other things which I didn’t discovered yet😉 .
No, please, don’t say that Zooo looks like MySpace! Come on! It’s totally different😉 . The only thing they were inspired by is the Shadows‘ logo:
vs. Zooo
a very cheap SO(3) rotation…

3 Responses to “Zooo Station”

  1. That’s so funny! -\pi/2 on the z axis and -\pi/4 on the x axis.
    I’m wondering, Giuseppe, whether you can write down the matrix that produce such a rotation.

  2. im afraid tom say is the same.. but im glad to read finally jamba is diong something different. lets see what they are going to do to really atract the users and be differnet to myspace… they really have to so something to avoid possible problems…

  3. Actually Jamba!Zooo is quite well done and I’m also glad to see that finally we’re also offering something that integrates the mobile entertainment and the web2.0…

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