Cultured Containers has developed the BananaBunker® to protect this delicate fruit from bruising when placed in your backpack, nap sack, soft carrying case, or briefcase. The container also protects your backpack’s valuable contents, such as CD players, textbooks, binders, and business documents.
Whether you are on a hiking trip, day trip, athletic event, between classes, or at a board meeting, the BananaBunker® will keep your fruit safe until you are ready to snack. Go ahead, eat healthy!

German customers can buy here, while NewYorkers can go to the MoMA shop 🙂


6 thoughts on “BananaBunker®

  1. don’t know. don’t see them as much as nice or crazy, maybe somewhat artistic.
    Guess it’s just a matter of tastes … and said that I will gliss over 🙂

  2. sure haven’t said the opposite. But don’t get the crazy and/or nice part … 😉

    speaking of MoMA, I think, it’s mostly a myth that it exhibits controversial art, honestly I found their exhibitions to be quite on rock solid grounds. To see cutting-edge art one better goes to art gallery but for that one should know which and it ain’t any trivial task. Or -maybe- the Whitney with its biennal exhibition: that’s utterly funny and interesting.

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