Death and rebirth

This afternoon I was at the Spandauer Weihnachtsmarkt: it was my first time in that Bezirk, once town outside Berlin’s boundaries. Already outside the U-Bahn station Altstadt Spandau I was intensively smelling cinnamon, Glühwein and Bratwurst.
While I don’t drink wine, I like almost any kind of pork meat (I could never become a Muslim 😉 ) and I ate 1 Bratwurst and 2 Steaks… mmm… so delicious! I could have even eaten some Italian bruschetta, Chinese food and fresh garlic at the Knobi Bobby stand, but there’s nothing more traditional than roasted pork 😉 .
It was a nice experience: the Altstadt is quite nice (it has an old flair, but it’s obviously not Bamberg 😉 ), the market was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen, but too many people were around.
I was nostalgic…
I missed Jens with whom I used to visit Christmas markets all around Europe.
I wished I had my soprano sax with me to play with the Zollpolizei band.
I watched donkeys and sheep thinking about my oncle’s farm where I used to spend some nice time.
I gazed at some really beautiful stones trying to guess their names before reading on the etiquette (the German names are really similar to the Italian ones, due to their Latin origin).


One thought on “Death and rebirth

  1. I miss german Weihnachtsmärkte… 😦
    In Toulouse ist der Weihnachtsmarkt 6 Jahre alt und riecht nach Cassoulet… nichts deutsches daran.

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