I love rock n’ roll

Today was what Desi and me call Bree day 🙂 . I had to clean the flat, wash my clothes, unpack the baggage I hat with me in Norway, pack some Xmas gifts, and so on… My Xmas tree is also almost done but maybe I should buy some more disco balls.
Now I’m too hungry to keep writing 🙂 I will continue later…
OK, I’m back 😀 I love go shopping late in the evening, now that the shops are allowed to open as long as they want.
While I was cleaning my flat I listened to some pop music because, you know, was funnier than the hysteric rock I usually listen to 🙂 . That’s why my iTunes played ABBA (to remember some nice people and their smile), Britney Spears (my gosh, she’s a real bitch) and George Michael.

Yesterday I met Marica after long time and we talked in front of a cup of coffee… It was really nice, like in the old times when we were working together… BTW, something is going to change at work and maybe I’m going to be Country Manager for Italy and Spain: let’s hope for the best (= more money 😉 ).