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(Without support for the Japanese language you can’t read this post and the blog’s sub-headline)

A couple of days ago I was finally at the Berliner Teehaus where one can find a lot of different teas. My favourite ones are usually Genmaicha (玄米茶) and Kukicha (茎茶), but last summer I met a Japanese guy in Paris who told me that Gyokuro (玉露) should have been even better and I bought it (back from Norway, where even the air is expensive, paying €13 for just 50g of tea was not a big deal). I should really say that it’s really delightful!

As you probably know, the haiku (俳句) (which gives the name to this blog) is a kind of Japanese poetry I heard of the first time listening to Hang On To Your IQ by Placebo. After many changes, the sub-headline for this blog is now an haiku, my favourite haiku (thanks to Umberto):


Yo no naka wa
Jigoku no ue no
Hanami kana

In this world
We walk on the roof of hell
Gazing at flowers

Surfing on the web, I found today the official Hiro’s blog! Really crazy😀 a must if you’re watching Heroes on NBC.

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