Polish backwards

This evening I went shopping because… it was finally time to 😉 . I was waiting for my turn at the desk when suddenly someone (a little boy indeed) lightened a cigarette: I was really annoyed but not really surprised because Germans usually smoke everywhere. The sales woman asked gently (not to stop smoking but) to stop blowing toward food. When the small idiot didn’t stop, she screamed: spreche ich Polnisch rückwärts, oder was? (= do I maybe speak Polish backwards?).
It was really funny 😀 . In Italy, people are used to ask do I speak Arabic?, but I have to say that Polish backwards sound much more original and incomprehensible 😉


2 thoughts on “Polish backwards

  1. The Ramones once sang:

    Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat with a baseball bat
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh-oh

    What can you do?
    What can you do?
    With a brat like that always on your back
    What can you lose?

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