Personenunfall, Verspätung und Spaziergang

Today I was very late at work (supposing that being late has any meaning at Jamba) because the S-Bahn was interrupted between Friedrichstraße and Alexanderplatz: the station of Hackesher Markt, that I use to go to work, was then unreachable. The reason for this interruption was a dead body found on the S-Bahn tracks… Creepy… 😕
At Friedrichstraße I then decided to walk to my office instead of taking a bus (the 100 and 200 are famous to be like the standard Italian buses in terms of reliability) and have a Spaziergang through the Museuminsel: it was really nice and relaxing, I just wished I had my camera to take some nice pics of the dawning sun between the Altes Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie
One question remains open: where is the edge of the Berliner Dom???