Geilo and the Oslo syndrome

My last evening in Bergen was both quiet and exciting. Quiet because I was sleeping very early (to wake up on time the next morning and take the train to Oslo). Exciting because the city of Bergen organized a very nice fireworks show to celebrate the advent.
Watching this show in such a nice place was something unique.

In German, geil means something horny or at least really cool and this is what I thought travelling by train from Bergen to Oslo. Surprisingly, the name of a small town on the route was Geilo 😉 .
The journey, as you probably understood, was great: the train very comfortable (leather seats, tea and coffe for free), the route breathtaking and the other passengers (only norweigians) very friendly.
Fjords, mountains, rivers, snowy landscapes… Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot some pics because I was on the train during the whole journey. Just a couple of times we were ahead on the timetable and we stopped for few minutes (in Voss and Ål, where I took some pics of the train and the railway station).

At half past 2 I was in Oslo where I met Anne-Lise. Together we went to the Nasjonalgalleriet watching some nice Norwegian paintings and among them the Munch’s popular masterpieces. After a very tasty dinner in one of her favourite places we went home to watch Vil du bli milionær? on TV (I could have won 100000 Norwegian crowns 😉 ). It was really nice to spend the afternoon and the evening with her.

Today I visited Oslo which is not as beautiful as Bergen, but anyway interesting and very posh. I was at the Slott (the royal castle), I walked along Karl Johans gate (the city main street) and I reached by bus the Bygdøy peninsula. I was a bit disappointed by the Folksmuseet that wasn’t really worth the visit (and the entrance ticket). Unfortunately the Zoologisk museum was closed and I didn’t see the Against Nature exhibition.
After having visited the Akershus Festning, where my camera (‘s battery) died, I had (a norwegian) lunch and now I’m waiting to take the train to the airport…

Ah, right… Hp disappeared 🙂 Was it maybe just in my imagination? maybe a supplement of another newspaper? maybe a real porno magazine even if it didn’t look like that? Anne-Lise was unable to help me… At least I know now that hp, even in Norwegian, means the same thing as in the rest of the world…