This post’s title would probably increase the number of my blog’s visitors, even if I’m writing about something different 🙂 .

I’m in Bergen, Norway, since around 3 o’clock (read: sunset) and I’m really enjoying this trip: the city is quite small and I’ve already visited almost everything walking around during the past hours. The landscape is dramatic too, as I already recognised from the airplane.
Bergen looks like the city of my dreams: far in the north, member of the hanseatic league, colourful, nice people (e.g. my receptionist 😉 )…
(If the guy behind me doesn’t stop masticate with open mouth (obviously a tourist) I’m going to kill him! It makes me nervous!!!)
The railway station I visited today is weird: it’s very beautiful yes, but no one is there! No trains, no people 🙂 . A desolate station with newspaper kiosks that are selling, among others, some boulevard magazine like, exactly, hp 😀 (I censored the name because of many visitors on my page looking for that).