Small talk

Ehm, dunno why but I don’t really know what to write after the show on Saturday… Do I maybe have to talk about the (shit) weather that since this morning is plaguing Berlin? Or maybe tell you that Monday I didn’t work just because I had a sore throat? Mmm… I’m not really into small talk 🙂 . But is what I’m doing now… Doh! I really have to check my brain. Brain? Did I ever have one? I don’t think so… How could I otherwise listen to the Il Trio Medusa on RadioDeejay? 😉 The bad taste joke of the day is:

how many animals does a woman need to be satisfied?
a jaguar in the garage
a mink around the neck
a stallion in the bed
and a donkey (ok, in English has probably not the same meaning of the Italian somaro) who pays for everything… 😀

Yes, it’s really bad, I agree. It’s better if I go to lunch now, isn’t it?