Knights of Cydonia

Cydonia is the region on Mars where some believe life has existed, and is the site of the infamous Face on Mars. The cover artwork for Black Holes and Revelations by Muse is set on the surface of Mars, and is thought to be a reference to this region and the song. The four men sitting around the table have miniature horses in front of them, and as such are probably meant to be metaphorical knights of Cydonia. They may also represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible, with their horses of four different colours (source: Wikipedia).

Yesterday my Knights of Cydonia were Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, known as the rock band Muse: at 9 o’clock in the evening I was at the Treptower Arena in Berlin to see them in concert.

Their performance was great! Unfortunately I was not really close to the stage and I wasn’t able to see them correctly or to be surrounded by loud music and crazy dancing people 😦 . I really enjoyed every minute of the concert though.

They opened the performance with Take a Bow, but everything began actually with Starlight and New Born: the audience was warm and participating. Butterflies and Hurricanes was performed by Matthew as usual with a great solo at the piano and Map of the Problematique, my favourite track from the new album, followed. The audience gone really crazy with Plug In Baby and everybody was singing my plug in baby, crucifies my enemies.
A short break with the instrumental Forced In to start rocking again with Hysteria and Citizen Erased. Yuhuuu!!!
One of the best moments during the whole gig was the interpretation of Hoodoo (Matthew is a god at the piano) and especially Invincible when the big screen shown some images of revolutions… Together we’re invincible
More than an half of the concert was over when was the time of great songs like Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out and Bliss.
For the first encore were performed Muscle Museum and Stockholm Syndrome.
And finally… Knights of Cydonia… A track I really loved once it was performed yesterday live… It was simply fantastic!

I really need to see them again 😉 and as soon as possible. They should maybe just try to make less breaks between some songs which are too rock to let the audience without fire!

Matthew is great, especially at the piano, Chris has a really particular presence on the stage (why are all sexy men straight?) and Dominic gives them and the audience the right rhythm.

A really bad note to the organisation especially for the wardrobe!


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  1. Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters is sexy AND gay! Maybe you just focus on the wrong men… BIG KISS! Jörg

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