Ieri sera il primo appuntamento, stasera facciamo l’amore

With these words Bono introduced the song Elevation during the Vertigo Tour in Milano, Italy.
Yes, today I bought my copy of U218 Singles Collector’s Edition (what else?) and U218 Videos: the long delayed and then cancelled Live in Milan was finally released as a bonus DVD with a best of nobody but Santa Claus needed.
I wasn’t, unfortunately, in Milano on the 21st of July 2005, but watching this DVD is like to be there, is like to be again at the Olympiastadion in Berlin…
U2 concerts are something really special for me, something I can’t really explain: is falling in love, is flying, is crying, is dissolving, is bliss…
Some of the best parts of this DVD include the opening with Vertigo,

Hello, Hello (¡Hola!)
I’m at a place called Vertigo (¿Donde esta?)
It’s everything I wish I didn’t know
Except you give me something i can feel, feel

a song that rocks as few others, then All I Want Is You,

You say you’ll give me
Eyes in a moon of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbour in the tempest
But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

when Bono danced with a girl from the audience (I hate her, I hate her, I really hate her), and again Sometimes You Can’t Make On Your Own,

Can you hear me when I
Sing, you’re the reason I sing
You’re the reason why the opera is in me…
Where are we now?
I’ve still got to let you know
A house still doesn’t make a home
Don’t leave me here alone…

dedicated to Bono’s father, Bob, then Miss Sarajevo,

Dici che il fiume
Trova la via al mare
E come il fiume
Giungerai a me
Oltre i confini
E le terre assetate
Dici che come fiume
Come fiume…
L’amore giungerà
E non so più pregare
E nell’amore non so più sperare
E quell’amore non so più aspettare

and finally Original Of The Species,

And you feel like no-one before
You steal right under my door
And I kneel ’cause I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
And I want nothing that you’re not

played with an orchestra.
The other DVD released today contains the original videos of the singles in the best of: it is worth only for collectors like me, but it is always really nice to watch some videoclips. From the very old ones like Pride (In The Name Of Love) to the most recent The Saints Are Coming (with the Green Day).
One is of course one of my favorites because is filmed in Berlin (Stay, Faraway So Close is unfortunately not included in this collection) when the wall had just come down. Trabants, East Side Gallery, Bandeburger Tor, streets in Mitte or Tiergarten, Frankfurter Tor and Karl-Max-Allee look now very different…

This is on the back cover of the single One:
The image on the cover is a photograph by the American artist David Wojnarowicz depicting how Indians hunted buffalo by causing them to run off cliffs. Wojnarowicz identifies himself and ourselves with the buffalo, pushed into the unknown by forces we cannot control or even understand. Wojnarowicz is an activist artist and writer whose work has created controversy recently through its uncompromising depiction of the artist’s homosexuality, his infection by the H.I.V. virus and the political crisis surrounding AIDS.