Yesterday I was surfing on the webpage of skype to download the latest relase of the windows client for my pc@work and I found a link to a very interesting service called
They let the customers make some nice MiniCards with flickr’s pictures or skype’s smileys: I obviously ordered my first skype-package with 5 different quotes from some nice songs 🙂 i.e.
Someone call the ambulance, there’s gonna be an accident from Infra-Red by Placebo
Hello, Hello! ¡Hola! from Vertigo by U2
No one’s picking up the phone from Hey Jupiter by Tori Amos
I’ve been hanging on the phone from I Miss You by The Rolling Stones
They be hangin’ on the phone, They be waiting for an answer
from Coma by Guns n’ Roses
As soon as I receive my pack Iwill give you some 🙂