Recent past

Just to give you a quick summary of what I did in the time before I started blogging again…
After a short weekend in Paris, when I learned what it means to sleep at the airport, I was waiting for my birthday: I was getting older (once again???) but my trip to Amsterdam was also finally becoming true.
Once there I found out that my birthday could also be a really nice day, if spent with the right people and in the right museum 🙂 . The shot you see in this post was actually taken in front of the Rijksmuseum which lies next to the Van Gogh museum, where I was watching for hours Cornfield with Crows.
Last week I attended a concert which was really amazing: the supporters, Howling Bells, were great, the location nice, the audience rocked and the band The Killers performed nothing but my favorite songs.
Once at home, sometime after midnight, with hurting legs, back and ears and, especially, unable to speak, I decided to watch the movie V for Vendetta. It was the 5th of November… Only who already knows the movie can really understand the sinister coincidence…